1 day win streak and a reassessment

A sign with an angry emoji face being held up behind a brick wall.
Photo by Andre Hunter on Unsplash

After completing the second to last module with the Intro to Python for data science, I have come to a humbling realization. I need to find a more foundational Python course. The gap between the introductory materials and the exercises is too great for me. I am grasping a small minority of the exercises and am spending more and more time flailing vs. learning. Even after reviewing the hints, the solutions and the work of others, I am still not comprehending the approaches used.

Kaggle courses will be put on hold while I complete the ‘Automate the boring stuff with Python’ course. Fingers crossed, I will have the foundation needed to jump back into the Kaggle course and my data science learning curve.

Tonight reminds me of a discussion I had with a running coach last spring. He reminded me that consistency trumps intensity over time. I hired this running coach after being fed up with training injuries and not being able to meet my goals. This situation feels very familiar, so before I risk ‘injury’ or a setback, I will regress my training approach with the hopes of acquiring the knowledge and skills needed for a longer term practice.

The Automate the Boring Stuff with Python Course is an absolute introductory course with no expectation of previous coding experience. Given the indulgences of the holiday season, tonight feels like the time for a heaping serving of humble pie.