#66DaysofData — Day 10

Aubrie Mcgibbon
1 min readJan 7, 2021
A high voltage sticker above the handle of grey equipment.
Photo by Troy Bridges on Unsplash

Between an equally intense and unexpected surprise at work yesterday morning, which became the opening act to the domestic terrorists attacking Capital Hill, my cognitive levels and attention span were virtually non-existent.

As a means to address the stress from the work scenario, I closed my office door and blocked off 45 minutes to read. I finished the first chapter from Practical Statistics for Data Science. I have yet to review my reading notes or begin to synthesize the content in my learning, so this blog post is extremely light on substance.

I will close with the purpose of today’s blog. Despite one’s best efforts to plan for something, to mitigate for potential challenges and to establish ideal incentives, success is not guaranteed. Yesterday was a clusterpluck on more than one level and I recognized my inability to show up to learn.

Back at it tomorrow!

note: I recognize and acknowledge the extreme privilege I have with being able to dictate what I do in a day as well as the ability to take time to step away.



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